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E-Knee: Your Customized Intelligent Knee Support Solution

Real-time Support | Auto-adjustments | Custom Size
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We all have different knees and needs, so why is that all kneepads are the same? E-Knee is a new way to get just the right amount of pressure with the help of Artificial Intelligence, micro-airbags and customizable compression.

The benefits of knee compression:

When you’re walking, hiking or working out, your knees are under stress and pressure, which is why they need support.

Providing valuable compression, knee pads can increase blood flow and reduce sore knees.
 They’re also good for technique and positioning. The compression provides better lateral hold, supporting your patella and joints, stabilizing you as you squat, run, or hike.

Important note: knee sleeves are a training aid. In order to prevent injury, it is crucial you work on mobility, technique, and mastery of movements and lifts together with professional trainers. Knee pads and sleeves are a complement to these things — not a replacement. 

When the gyroscope detects powerful motion, the built-in ARM chip will tell the micro compressors to pressurize airbags based on different levels of pressure and motion, all in real-time. E-Knee gives dynamic support where and when you need it.

Three preloaded profiles offer the right support in any situation: rest (sitting down), low-intensity (jogging for example), and high-intensity (basketball for example).
 Once the gyroscope detects a different activity level it changes modes within three seconds and instantly inflates or deflates the airbags.

E-Knee offers the right fit regardless of your build. The breathable fabric stretches around your leg without restricting your motion while staying firmly in place.

The breakthrough auto-tighten system adjusts to the measurement of your knees automatically. Regular knee pads are often too tight or too loose, E-Knee detects different levels of air pressure based on initial tightness and saves the data for the next time. When the gyroscope detects any measurement changes, airbags will be pressurized to form the perfect seal.

If the battery runs out while you are wearing them, your E-Knee will remain pressurized!

Combined with the features of auto-tightness and custom size, E-Knee will never fall off no matter what activities you are doing. Running, working out, hiking, basketball, tennis…… You name it!



  •  Mountaineering. During the mountaineering process, the knee joint is heavily loaded. Repeated flexion and extension of the knee joint will accelerate the overuse of knee joints.
  •  Running. Running is an exercise that bears your own weight. The impact on your knees during running is 2 to 4 times your body weight. The faster the pace, the heavier the weight, the more irregular the posture, and the more irregular the posture. The impact will be greater.
  •  Daily movement. The third exercise is a way of movement where the direction of the knees and toes cannot be consistent. Some lower limb training movements, such as squats, are easily distorted when the direction of the toes force is inconsistent with the direction of the knees.

1. Slide it on and make it fully cover your knee cap. 

2. Press the button to turn on or off.  

E-Knee is easy to charge either wirelessly or with the included cable. Two control boxes even click together magnetically to charge a single charger and they work with standard wireless chargers.

The 35-hour battery life when fully charged enables it to provide top-notch support for a weekend outdoors or normal daily usage for 2-3 days. The 28 – 35 hrs battery life can always fulfill your different needs and schedules.

Size and shipping info will be collected a few days after the end of the campaign. We offer worldwide-friendly shipping. Visit FAQ for more info.

The single package includes 1 knee pad with a control box, 1 magnetic USB-A charging cable, 1 carry pouch, and 1 user manual.

This picture shows the 3D rendering image of E-Knee Unique Wireless Charger. The physical prototype is in production as it is decided to include as a valuable add-on only a few days before the campaign launch based on the feedback from our group members. We guarantee that the real prototype looks and works exactly the same as it is presented here and we will update the picture once we got it in hands.

E-Knee Special Wireless Charger is an add-on product for extra purchase. And it works for any compatible devices (cellphones, AirPods..).

Charles Wang, the CEO of C-EXO Skeleton Technology Company majored in Electrical Engineering Automation when he was in college. He is an enthusiast of exoskeleton and robots, which made him decide to quit college and started C-EXO Skeleton Technology company in 2014. The same year, he designed and created the first skeletal arm cyborg which wrapped the whole arm part all way down to each finger. This arm cyborg weighed 14 kg is enabled to increase the strength of arm and grip by 60 kg and 40 kg respectively and which was widely used in factory and construction fields.

E-Knee is the product he and his team designed for the general public with auto-adjustments and real-time support to maximize knee comfort during different sports and physical exercises.

Our inspiration for E-knee started from realizing none of the existing knee pads have the functionality of auto adjustments or auto binding, they are either too loose or too tight. Therefore, we decided to take knee support to the next level; for sports lovers and ordinary people alike, with a unique knee pad that offers both real-time and custom size support.

After nailing down the “body” of E-Knee, we started to design the control box (the intelligent control module).

We made in total 5 versions of its body, 6 versions of the control box, 5 prototypes, and 7 different color schemes.

Measuring Instruction:

Bend your knees slightly, measure the circumference of the:

  • 1. Thigh (7 in/ 18cm above the knee)
  • 2. Calf (5 in/ 13cm below the knee)
  • 3.  We will email you to collect the size when campaign ends or please feel free to submit it here. 

You can trust the safety of E-Knee as the whole production process is operated strictly to meet all required safety standards.

To achieve international certification for safe usage, all intelligent control modules (control boxes) are put through several rigorous industrial tests to ensure E-Knee can withstand daily use.

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