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Dockcier - A Thunderbolt 3 Dock with 8TB Storage Boost

Connect with everything | SSD Enclosure | Dual 8K Output | PD 100W Charging | 15W Wireless charging (15W)
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Dockcier contains many ports, because that is what you need it for! With two Thunderbolt 3, two USB-A, one USB-C, one Ethernet port plus another HDMI. It will serve as a one-step extension to your computer setup, transforming your Macbook or laptop into a full workstation.

A green light will show up when you connect the port successfully. You can check the connection status easily in the front side of Dockcier. 

Videos at DP maximum 8K resolution without delay, there is also a HDMI port to provide backward compatibility in case the display is older. Dockcier has 2 ports ready to export graphics to external displays. While one Thunderbolt 3 ports can export photos and videos at maximum 8K resolution without delay, there is also a HDMI port to provide backward compatibility in case the display is older.

Having a powerful electricity supply doesn’t only get your devices recharged faster, but it also increases stability for the devices you have connected to it. Our USB docks use PD technology to boost the charging speed up to 100W, charging your devices as fast as they are designed to.

 In a new era where working at home is becoming the norm, Dockcier is the perfect choice to build your home office with. With its compact size, you should be able to find space for it easily. Once connected, you can link up to 2 displays and access them at the same time for extra productivity. 

You can opt for up to 8TB SSD on your Dockcier, but it is always good to have more choices. This is why we made the SSD quick-swappable. Just by removing the lid, you can switch to another SSD drive of your choice and transfer data securely. This also helps you to reuse Dockcier in case the drive is damaged in an accident.

With Thunderbolt 3, Dockcier ranks high on data transfer speed, depending on the model of the NVMe M.2 SSD used, the speed could go up to 2500 Mb/s.  At most tasks, you will hardly notice that you are moving data to and from an external drive. Perfect for video and graphic editing works.

If you are using Dockcier, you have likely already run out of extra USB ports to charge your mobile devices. This is how the 15W wireless charger comes in handy. It is included to keep your phone or wireless earbuds powered.

As the USB ports might have already been occupied by your other devices, a certified 15W wireless charger is positioned on its side for your mobile devices. You can fully charge your iphone 13 within 2.5hours and AirPods Pro in 1 hours respectively. 

Having repeatedly tested on various casing designs and internal arrangements, we have managed to make Dockcier one of the coolest USB docks available! This is done without requiring a cooling fan, which draws extra power from the setup.

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