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Colorpik Pen : Copy And Draw With 16 Million Colors

Scan and Draw Colors in Seconds | RGB Sensor | Refill Ink Cartridges | Multiple Nibs | Exclusive Applications | Rechargeable Battery
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You Don’t Need To Buy Million Pens, Just Buy ONE Pen With Million Colors!

Colorpik Pen Comparison
Colorpik Pen: A Pen With Million Colors

Have Fun With Unlimited Colors !


Use Colorpik Pen Just In 3 Simple Steps

Step I: Scan & Doddle

Step II: Refill Ink

Step III: Exchange Nibs

The last pen you will ever need to buy! 

Your work is innovative. Your work is dynamic. And your work brazenly defies limitations.

Why shouldn’t the tools you wield to carry out this work offer the same extraordinary standards?

The Colorpik smart pen is one of those products that would have sounded like science fiction just a few decades ago.

Imagine the limitless possibilities afforded to artists, writers, designers and creatives when 16 million colors are befittingly at their fingertips. You read that correctly – one pen, sixteen million colors.

Translate inspiration to the page – be it paper or digital – with no obstacles. Our RBG color sensor technology allows users to simply point the pen at colours that intrigue them, press the capture button, and have command over that exact hue, shade and tint. Use it immediately, or save it to your colour repertoire for later. It’s that easy, that powerful and that exciting.

Inspired by infinite colors

Of course, this extraordinary pen doesn’t settle for ordinary ink. Our smart ink is lightfast and water resistant, immune to being weathered away.

But it’s not just colour that the Colorpik Infinite gives you the ability to curate. Texture and dimension of writing can be controlled by your selection of multiple tips, making the Colorpik Infinite capable of beautifully written and multifaceted drawing alike.

Take your work to the next level with a pen designed to stand apart just as you do. An incredible tool for working in solace and blowing minds on social media alike, features include

● Point-and-click technology for perfect and limitless colour matching

● Re-fillable smart cartridges, with each having over 30 miles of ink

● Re-chargable through microusb for 15 hours of performance

● Bluetooth and USB connectivity

Colorpik Digital Ink Pen
Colorpik Smart Pen – 5 Colors Available

Main Benefits:

16 MILLION COLORS: The Colorpik Pen is a pen that allows you to write with 16 million colors.

MULTIPLE PEN NIBS: The Colorpik pen is perfect for all your coloring needs. The pens have multiple nibs, so you can use your favorite one. Pick up your favorite color and start writing. Product features: Multiple pen nibs.

Colorpik Pen Nibs

REFILL INK: The Colorpik pen is the perfect pen for any artist, designer, or creative thinker. Its refillable ink can be replaced so you never have to worry about running out of ink. Colorpik pen  is a pen with a refillable ink cartridge that allows you to pick a specific color in a variety of colors.

Colorpik Pen- Refill Ink

CAPTURE COLOR AND DRAW INSTANTLY: The Colorpik pen is a great tool to capture colors and create. This pen is a favorite among artists and design lovers everywhere. This pen has a sleek, lightweight design that fits comfortably in the hand. The pens are great for capturing color and then drawing. Colorpik pens are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any need.

DEDICATED APPS: way to spur creativity and start exploring all the possibilities. The Colorpik Pen has a very unique and fun way of picking the perfect color. It has an app for both IOS and Android. It allows you to pick the right color fast and easily.


With Colorpik Pen, people can draw in their favorite colors in many different ways. Capture color and draw Capture the colors from the world around you to share in a digital palette. Draw in different colors and styles with the pen to create your own content with the vast color palette.

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