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Cetus2: 3D Printing with Material & Color Mixing Innovation

Cetus2 3D Printer by Tiertime, Enjoy the Revolutionary On-the-Fly Switching for Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printing.
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Introducing Cetus2: Revolutionary On-the-Fly Switching (OTFS) with a brand-new extruder design for Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printing. Colorful, Fast, Smart, Time Saving & Material Saving. Cetus2 3D Printer is able to seamlessly switch between 2 materials and colors on the fly. No need to stop or print purge tower, this revolutionary 3D printer is capable of fast material switching during printing. Cetus2 elevates and expands what you can do with 3D printing for a whole new experience, resulting in an astounding performance that is the future of 3D printing.

Unlike most conventional 3D printers, Cetus2 employs advanced dual extrusion technology and a unique nozzle design which enables seamless switching between two materials and colors on the fly. Cetus2 is capable of fast material switching while the print process is underway, opening up a new world of creative 3D printing.

Alternated extrusion of black and white. Applied with and without retraction, to switch between color transition and clear color boundary.

Checker pattern printed on a single perimeter/wall.  

No need for nozzle alignment, this unique single nozzle design saves you time and lets you start 3D printing with ease. With no need to stop or print purge tower, printing time is optimized by eliminating the complicated and lengthy procedure of swapping out one filament for another. With advanced technology and intuitive operation, Cetus2 ushers in an unprecedented era for 3D printing enthusiasts like you!

Cetu2 Multi-color Printing. NO PURGE TOWER USED in the process. Purgings are hidden in the infills by the “Shadow Purge” function. Full-length uncut footage, no modification on the video, see to believe.

Cetus2 print demo of the string control with dual color. 

Single-color production limits makers who desire creative color patterns or real-life details. However, with Cetus2, each color can be mixed at any ratio you choose, sparking your creativity and turning your ideas into a colorful reality. 

Color switches on ridges to form color transitions

Blend to make new colors that are not on the market,  such as this mysterious pink, by co-extruding orange and blue at 50/50.

50-50 mixing of blue and orange

Why wait for the limited quantum dual-color PLA filament while you can enjoy the perspective-based color with Cetus2 and produce the most visually striking 3D prints. Blended Creativity is yours to Explore with Cetus2 NOW.

Cetus2 has the ability to combine 2 different materials in the same print model, giving users a powerful new tool for creativity. Quickly switch colors and materials to generate high-quality prints with dazzling aesthetics that set you free from the limitations of typical 3D printers.

The newly developed software for the Cetus2 multi-material system allows you to define every position of material switching on the model with a simple setup. Usually, designers need to set colors by dividing models into different parts, this may require advanced modeling skills. Now with Tiertime UP Studio 3, you can always add the color later, in a few simple steps!

Printing of traditional dual color, clear boundary models.


Cetus2’s self-developed software is powerful yet simple to use for voxel-level 3D printing. You are able to select a customized bitmap to paste on the model. Simply load your model, adjust the position of the subject, and select image texture, you’re good to go. After easy settings to suit your preference, you can slice and be ready for your artwork.

Project Image onto STL and generated dual printing data.

With built-in tools to customize the path of the model outline, simple setups of material switching points, the ability to produce special texture effects, and more, you will turn your 3D models into multi-color & multi-material masterpieces in no time! Spoiler Alert: you can easily convert a single-color model to a multi-color model if you choose!

Want to download Up Studio 3 and experience the new system now? Click the link below to take a look first. For Mac users, please download UP Studio 3 and Wand; for Windows users, we packed the software in one file. Feel free to load the model, adjust the parameters, and watch the print preview. We can’t wait to ship Cetus2 to you soon.


UP Studio 3.2.4_6

Wand 3.2.4_6


 UP Studio+Wand 3.2.4_6

You spoke, and we listened. We’re beyond excited to introduce Cetus2 with Native Gcode Support. This 3D printer takes into account the hundreds of conversations we’ve had and emails we’ve exchanged with our customers. 

So now, you don’t need a hardware upgrade for Cetus2 to be compatible with third-party software, which allows you to realize even more functionalities. Without any intermediate translation steps, it can load Gcode directly from other slicers. Cetus2 gives 3D printing hobbyists the key to unlock the next level of 3D printing.

Manual leveling can be tedious and time-consuming, which can discourage people from getting started with 3D printing. With a built-in sensor, Cetus2 is able to initialize with Fully Automatic Leveling and Z-Level Calibration to prepare for any task, saving you time and eliminating complicated setup.

Check out the demo video for auto leveling.

You can use Micro USB or a TF Card to upload models you wish to print, or you can control and send print jobs to Cetus2 remotely – through its Stable WI-FI connection. Powered by Expressif, an industrial leader in WiFi and AIOT chip design, this new printer CPU will give the printer massive improvement on WI-FI stability. Capable of OTA upgrade, users will be able to update printer firmware easily with TF Card or WI-FI.

Featuring a responsive touch screen, set-ups and configurations can be done on Cetus2 easily and intuitively, which allows you to enjoy a simple and visualized 3D printing experience.

With a built-in intelligent filament detection module, Cetus2 increases the success rate of printing by ensuring the accurate loading of filament. It also pauses printing and notifies you when the filament is running out or broken. In addition, Cetus2 has a recovery mode that saves the printing progress in the event of a power outage and resumes the process after power is restored so you never lose a print.

Filament Sensing Module Design (filament guard and flow monitoring)

Cetus2 supports various printing materials on the market, from soft to hard, water-soluble to foam-based. Whether you want to create something with widely used 3D printing materials such as PLA or produce functional prototypes from engineering materials – Cetus2 can handle any task with ease and blended creativity. A magical printing world is ready for you to explore.

The steel linear guideway of Cetus2 provides the stability and strength for high-level printing performance with reliability and accuracy. The advanced TMC Silent Stepper Driver makes the whole machine silent during printing. 3D printing no longer distracts making Cetus2 a better choice for home printing or classroom settings.



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