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Block 02 Powerbank:80s Aesthetic Flashback+Cyberpunk Revival

The Super-Chic EDC power bank with a special see-through window and 80s retro design, showing a glimpse of the future on hands.
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Catch up to the retro wave and let me take you for a ride. Sunset yellow, sky blue, baby pink, and more. Block 02 brings all these colors to you, wearing an 80s aesthetics, combined with a futuristic transparent board. Stunning. This super-chic fast charging power bank makes you the focus among your friends. Along with its unique design, Block 02 is a universal battery backup for almost all iOS & Android phones. Dual chips inside allow adjustable power up to 22.5W supplying two devices and allow Block 02 to charge and recharge simultaneously.

Are you tired of the same old tech? Boring grey boxes that all look alike? Get Block 02 and get noticed. Block 02 welcomes you to the cyber world in 1980s style. With neon lights and cool colors, you’ll enjoy the retro-cool and individual styles.


We are TEGIC and Block 02 is our latest product born with an 80s gene inside and futuristic look outside.

Solid Block, Candy Pink, or Sunset Yellow? Pick yours now, and we will ship right after we collect your shipping info! (2 weeks after the campaign ends)

Inspired by a cyborg’s exposed cables and chips, Block 02 made the daring choice to show the circuit board directly underneath a piece of tough transparent tempered glass. You can clearly see the breathing effect of the LED power indicators. When there is only 20% of the battery left, all-white indicators will turn off and a red LED indicator lights up blinking rapidly. 

Aside from these five indicators, there is an extra orange indicator to indicate that the power bank is in the Flash Charge mode.

Always needing to bring a cable along with a power bank is a hassle and it’s inconvenient and embarrassing to forget the right one. With Block 02, there is no need to do that. Both Type-C and MFi approved Lightning versions have a built-in cable that eliminates a tangled mess in your pocket. Additionally, there are also Type-A and Type-C ports for sharing power with your friends🎵🥰

Block 02 supports the universal compatibility of fast-charging protocols for phones now on the market. The Type-C port can output via 18W PD, PD3.0, QC4.0, FCP, and the power of the Type-A port reaches 22.5W, which means that your iPhone 12 can be fully charged in 1.5 hours. Equipped with dual chips, Block 02 is capable of fast-charging and recharging simultaneously. No more downtime waiting for a refill!💪

✅Protection Check! Block 02 is built around a dual chipset that works intelligently to improve charging efficiency and provides a variety of protections that guarantee safety for you and your devices and provides dependable worry-free charging.

Compared to its former generation, Block 02 has been on a diet and now arrives sleek and thin with a body width reduced from 74mm to 69mm for better portability. The built-in cable is upgraded to an MFi approved cable which carefully protects your Apple devices. For Android, a new Type-A port supports Huawei/VIVO/OPPO with 22.5W.

Block 02 comes with a label plate that you can put any stickers you want onto. We provide various stickers along with the product that you can choose from: TEGIC logo, or any stylish pattern, simply choose the one that goes with your mood and make your power bank personal!

Besides giving users a more convenient and high-quality digital life, TEGIC is also devoted to making our life on earth better. Starting in 2019, TEGIC adopted higher-cost Pure Pulp Packaging, which can degrade naturally in the soil. Let’s make our planet a better place together!

 *We will send out a survey to collect your color option including candy pink, sunset yellow, and carbon black after the campaign ends.

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