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AudioWow: Wireless Audio Studio the Size of A Matchbox

A nano-sized: audio mixer | podcast kit | recording studio | recorder & transcriber | interview microphone | conference call enhancer
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AudioWow is a complete audio studio the size of a matchbox, designed for creators on the go. Incredibly powerful audio technology you’d normally find in a recording studio has been engineered to fit in your pocket, enabling you to do your best creative work wherever you are. Whether you’re a recording artist, or you just love great sounding audio, AudioWow puts studio-quality recording and playback in your pocket. 

If you’ve ever recorded a video or a song, you know that good audio is the most important part of any creative work. But to record a song, podcast video or vlog, you’re either stuck using big bulky studio equipment or using your AirPods or phone’s mic, which just doesn’t sound good, let alone help you mix multiple audio signals. AudioWow replaces your traditional studio setup with a tiny device and a powerful app to enable you to do your best work wherever you are.  

Just like an amazing podcast mic, or a mixing panel, AudioWow is a tool, and it’s up to you what you create with it. However, we think AudioWow is particularly useful to do these things:

 If you’re a singer or musician you know inspiration comes at any time, with AudioWow you always have a recording studio with you. Whether you want to jam out and mix your guitar into your vocals, or record over an existing track, AudioWow lets you create studio-quality music wherever you are. 

Record instrumentals and vocals on individual channels

 Your fancy podcast mic doesn’t always travel with you, so AudioWow lets you record and mix podcasts on location. Because it can mix background music with your voice, your podcast comes out ready to share without the need for any post-production. You can even connect two AudioWow’s to your phone to record your podcast on separate channels.

 AudioWow connects with your smartphone or GoPro to record crystal clear audio for your content. Your Instagram stories, TikToks or field journalism will sound radically better because AudioWow has a crystal-clear microphone that is clipped closer to your mouth and clever algorithms enhance the sound quality as it records.

 Calls, Zooms and admin are part of any creator’s life (unfortunately, we know), with AudioWow you’re never that person who “we can’t hear very well”. Connect AudioWow to your laptop during conf calls or use it to record and annotate calls, you can even read back the details of the conversation in text, if you need to look up any important details. Active noise reduction on the microphone means you can take calls even when you’re walking outside!

 If you’re wondering how all this works, allow us to break it down for you. AudioWow is a modular system, you can connect two AudioWows to one phone, or combine it with other Bluetooth devices (more on that later) but let’s look at one AudioWow for now.  

 Just like a mixing panel, AudioWow has multiple inputs and outputs. You can record your voice via the built-in microphone, plug in headphones for an additional microphone and real-time monitoring. Inside the AudioWow the audio gets enhanced and leveled out before sending it over Bluetooth to your phone. Your phone in turn can send background music to the AudioWow to mix it in with your vocals and instrument.

 AudioWow works out of the box with any Bluetooth device like your phone or laptop to give you endless recording options and combined with the app you’re unlocking some of the most powerful features.

 If you’re like us, you know there’s nothing better to hone your craft than by singing your favorite songs by other artists. But it’s notoriously difficult to find the backing track of the latest music, so we’ve designed a unique feature: de-vocalization of any track! Just snap your fingers when you’re listening to music, and the AudioWow app filters out the original voice (sorry Lady Gaga) and lets you record your own vocals over the track.

 The app gives you a full, 5 band visual equalizer to tune your audio to perfection. Digital effects let you add reverb, noise reduction, and gives you full control over all your settings.

 The AudioWow app knows what you’re saying, it transcribes calls in real-time allowing you to save important conversations and it also saves the entire conversation on two separate channels, splitting your audio and that of the person you’re calling with, so you never miss a word.

One feature we’re particularly proud of is our advanced accessibility support for those with different hearing abilities. AudioWow lets you automatically add subtitles to your videos, which is a great way to make your content more accessible. We realized that more often than not creators don’t have an accessible version of their videos, because creating captions is a time-consuming process. That’s why we felt we could help creators everywhere improve the accessibility of their content by developing the auto-subtitle generator.

 Our guest-vlogger Peter put AudioWow to the test, comparing the audio quality of AudioWow to the sound of his iPhone while on a trip to a tropical location with lots of background noise. 

We also asked our friend Ricardo to use his guitar skills to record a demo where he uses AudioWow to record his voice and guitar which are both mixed and leveled out on the AudioWow.

 One smartphone can connect to two AudioWows simultaneously to record individual audio tracks. It’s the perfect option for podcasts, interviews, or if you want to keep separate instrumental and vocal tracks for post-production.

Last year we successfully funded our first project, SmartMike+, which is the perfect companion for AudioWow, especially during live streams.

Some apps don’t support the high-quality audio standard over Bluetooth that AudioWow uses. That means that although you can use it with any app, to get the absolute best results on Snapchat, Instragram, TikTok and Twitch and other 3rd party apps, you can use the SmartMike+ as a receiver, which connects to your AudioWow over our proprietary Bluetooth protocol. You simply plug a SmartMike+ into your phone’s 3.5mm jack and connect your audio to it wirelessly from AudioWow.

If you’re a frequent streamer or video creator, we’ve created a special Live-Streaming kit, which includes a SmartMike+ and a cable kit (3 Poles TRS cable for GoPro & DSLR x 1, 4 Poles TRRS cable for live streaming x 1).

 Press the button to start/stop the voice/phone-call/video recording. In the app, you can also customize the double-press for your frequently-used functions: De-vocal on/off, Play/pause the music, Flip the camera, or start/stop the phone call recording.

 AudioWow uses the latest Qualcomm CSR Bluetooth Chipset and high-performance DSP. The built-in 6 mm condenser microphone’s sensitivity is -36dB and the SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) is 70dB, for delivering the high-quality sound for both video and audio recordings.

AudioWow also provides free OTA upgrade(Over-the-Air upgrade, no cables needed, upgrade the device through the in-app) so that users can get all the latest features from Sabinetek!

 *TWS Pack includes 2 sets of AudioWow. One smartphone can connect to 2 AudioWow simultaneously. The sound from 2 AudioWow will be recorded in 2 separate soundtracks.

 Sabine Technology Co., Ltd gathered innovative technology teams specializing in acoustic, electrical, and communications from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Bell Labs, and Huawei, and focused them on researching human natural hearing technology and products. As a partner of the American chip manufacturer Qualcomm, Sabinetek is recognized as a leading sound innovator for the mobile Internet era.

Aiming at bringing the immersive communication networks to connect the world with sound, Sabinetek has received 6 CES Innovation Awards for 3 consecutive years. In 2019, Sabinetek launched its first crowdfunding product – SmartMike+, which has achieved great success and got support from over 2000 backers. In the near future, Sabinetek will continue to push the boundaries of innovation to bring the most cutting-edge technology into more great products!

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