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ATOWAK ETTORE: Supercar-Inspired 4-Arm Wandering Hour Watch

Let the time drifts on the eye-catching mechanical curves, ETTORE automatic is going to show how intriguing 4-arm time displays 24/7
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Inspired by the unmistakable supercar elements, ATOWAK Ettore presents a feeling of speed on your wrist with the curving elegance of a race track and sophisticated 4-arm wandering hour time display. Even in the dark, Ettore stands out with exciting curved lines and numerals illuminated by Swiss Super-LumiNova coating, delivering a feeling of driving a supercar at night! From inside to outside, every single detail of Ettore is meticulously perfected to the highest standards for premium quality and luxury style.


Wandering hour complications are the most sophisticated and intriguing time display in watchmaking. Often reserved for high-end luxury watches, the complexity involved in creating this dedicated movement and its time indicating system easily pushes the price to an unattainable level (most are over $10k). To make wandering hour watches accessible to more people, we have devoted several years of development to create our own exclusive custom movement and now, we are proud to present it in Ettore!

Ettore’s appearance impresses all from very first sight. The streamlined glass presents a breathtaking racing track while the case is inspired by the supercar iconic hood design, evoking a feeling of supercar racing and a vision of speed on your wrist.

Time reading in Ettore is intuitive yet eye-catching, 4-arm wandering hour hands each with 3 numbered indicators rotating in perfect precision to simultaneously show the Hour and Minute as it sweeps across a numbered indicator.  Combined with the supercar-inspired shell, Ettore is a guaranteed conversation starter!

Finished with Swiss Super-LumiNova coating, Ettore’s curved lines and the numerals on the dial shine distinctively in the dark, which allows you to read the time easily and gives the watch a stylish standout appearance in low lighting.

Ettore’s unique wandering hour time indicator system requires a customized movement. To achieve this, our experienced engineering team spent the past 3 years redesigning the special movement for Ettore based on the original MIYOTA 9015 movement. Rigorous testing is done to ensure accuracy and precision for the 4-arm time display system.

Ettore’s impressive case is machined from durable 316L stainless steel and is created through a series of 20 separate pressings and over 50 fine processing steps. Then, every part of the surface is delicately polished to highlight each stunning facet. Add to that, Ettore is made with the sapphire crystal that is finished with an anti-reflective AR coating which is more scratch and smudge resistant, delivering a luxury time-reading experience through the time!

Case Dimensions: 46.5 MM X 40.8 MM

All Ettore watches use top-quality Italian leather that is supple and comfortable, yet durable. Even after years of use, it retains its vivid luster and comfort. Ettore’s strap includes a quick-release spring bar system that allows you to replace the strap easily. With one simple press, you can detach the strap and replace it with different color options to fit different style requirements.

Strap Width: 24MM X 20MM

Strap Length: 120MM X 80MM

Ettore’s dial and hands are crafted from 3D-printed copper and aviation-grade aluminum. The 3D printing process ensures consistency and superior fitment. The surfaces are covered with Swiss Super-LumiNova coating that enables easy time reading in low light conditions.

For those who prefer retrograde style time reading, ATOWAK Ettore Lite is a great choice that retains all the symbolic supercar elements. Its movement is redesigned based on the original MIYOTA 8215 movement.

ETTORE LITE  has the same material and strap as Ettore Drift (which means all 6 optional straps can be used in Ettore Lite) and the same functions such as 3ATM waterproof and super luminova coating. But its price is almost half!

Super- luminova coating makes ETTORE LITE shine through the dark. Durable 316L stainless steel, which is created through a series of 20 separate pressings and over 50 fine processing steps. Every part of the surface is delicately polished to highlight each stunning facet. We guarantee the same sophisticated design of ETTORE LITE at a more affordable price.

A passion for speed is a powerful human desire. It has inspired people to race to the finish line and to build the supercars that get them there. With breathtaking curves, luxury finishes, and the animal roar of the engine, a car drifting around a racetrack is a heart-pounding, breathtaking sight.

Inspired by that thrilling quest for speed, our team has devoted itself to designing a luxury mechanical watch that epitomizes the excitement of racing. Like a racecar, it possesses streamlined curves and is crafted around a high-tech time display that defines its superior style.

Ettore is stunning at first sight. Rather than reworking traditional styles, we begin anew, with bold curves inspired by supercar elements and the race tracks that they run. With precise radians of polished steel, Ettore is fast even while standing still.

Like the top racers that inspired it, Ettore is full of cutting-edge technology, built with a complex 4-arm wandering hour time display system only found in high-end luxury watches. With precision and constant movement, the rotating hour hands move along its indexed dial, revealing itself like a race car speeding into view.

One of the most stunning features of Ettore is the Night Mode. Just like driving a supercar along the highway at night, illuminated by the dashboard lights and feeling the speed with your whole body, the curves of Ettore’s shell are traced with a Swiss Super-LumiNova coating that highlights the watch’s most iconic design features.

Ettore is the result of tireless years of design and craftsmanship, racing towards a game-changing win. It’s an affordable luxury for mechanical watch lovers and those passionate about the spirit of racing.

All 6 straps are compatible with both Ettore Drift and Ettore Lite, you can choose the add-on choice on the checkout page. We will confirm your color option after our campaign ends via a survey.

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