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ANNOBIKE - The best thing to happen to eBikes since eBikes

A1 - look no further for your inspiration and energy boost. Go for a ride and return recharged...
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     Searching to get inspired and recharged?

      So were we. This is what we came up with!

There are plenty of inspiration out there – iconic designs, architecture, art and nature. You just need to explore more, gain more, se and sense more. Get out there in a quick way, find inspiration, get a boost of energy, be aware and return recharged. This is what A1 is all about. An eBike that emphasises our Danish heritage, our appreciation of good design, functionality and quality.

When designing this eBike, it was crucial to us that we always strived towards: Being original, bet on quality and focus on performance.

Our first model of A1 is an eBike not like any other. No “of the shelf” frame and full of high quality components.

                                 Go anywhere

With A1 we found a quick getaway. A way to ride anywhere at anytime.

                               You will love A1…

…like a pair of hand made Italian shoes, a classic car, or a good bottle of single malt A1 will showcase your excellent taste and your appreciation of good design, craftsmanship and quality.

                         Raw power, raw look

Inspired by performance motorcycles, we’ve created a robust yet light frame.

                               The tech stuff!

We’ve gone through hard negotiations and sourcing processes to give you high specs!

A1 comes with loads of cool components like:

  • G06 series Bafang brushless motor
  • Exa Form adjustable air shocks at the rear suspension
  • Exa Form adjustable dual crowned shocks at the front
  • Adjustable dirt bike front stem and handlebar
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustable seat
  • Powerful concealed battery with integrated battery-indicator 18650 Samsung cells
  • Battery lock
  •  Tektro disc brakes with mechanic or hydraulic lever and 160mm rotors
  • Covered charger socket
  • TFT color screen
  • Shimano Tourney derailleur
  • Puncture resistant Kenda tires 20″ x 4″
  • And an optional GPS tracking-device allowing you to deactivate your bike in case of theft (purchased separately)


                       Comfort in abundance!

With adjustable front and rear shocks A1 will take you on your journey in the most comfortable way

                           All the info you need

Pedal assist up to 9 levels on a bright screen. The bright TFT screen will show you all the details you need under any light and weather condition.

                   A1- Your Every day companion

A1 one is made to ride. Anywhere you take it, A1 one will be your reliable eBike.

                            Quality does matter!

A1 is our love child and we want to deliver a bike that is thoroughly made of quality components and an eBike that we are proud to put our names to.

                               The cool colors.

A1 is offered in 4 colors. 3 options of durable powder coating and 1 option of anodising. Once you’ve decided and pledged for the reward you like and the campaign is successfully over, we’ll send you a survey so you can let us know which color of A1 we must build for you.

  • Stealth Black is ALL BLACK that really brings out the devilish look of A1.
  • Rocket Red is red and black combo…Makes you wanna go, go, go…
  • Racing Green is our tribute to classic British car design.
  • Gold dust is the cool anodising process that makes the alloy change color (comes with an extra price).

We know that leaving your car in the garage will be so much easier, when you have a cool, fun and safe alternative. Don’t hesitate, join us and let us make it happen.

                                Keep it stylish

A1 one will make heads turn as you cruise your city in maximum comfort. All you need to do is to let us build one for you.

                               Our GPS tracker

With our optional GPS tracker you’ll have full control of your A1 anytime and anywhere.

Once your have downloaded our special designed App and registered your account, you’ll be able to monitor your A1 bike in real time, as well as deactivate it in case of theft.

Our GPS tracker is state of the art technology that will make you feel safe, each time you leave your A1.

This device has so many features, that it requires an entire update post for itself. We’ll reveal more details in one of our first updates. We definitely recommend this device to keep your A1 safe.

                   You can have all you want!

A1 is available in 4 different options. All you need to do is to pick the one you want.

                           Customize your A1

We’ve gathered a bunch of cool accessories to add to your A1. For ordering any of our cool accessories please visit www.annobike.com. Please make sure to use the same email address to make your purchase there, and will gather all your orders in one bundle.

                           Price, customs and VAT

We’ve gone out of our way to be able to offer you unseen prices for such a high quality product. We’ve done so without compromising the slightest component. We’d like to offer our early backers the best reward possible. As such we will start this campaign by the lowest prices possible and will increase the prices each week, until we reach the planned Kickstarter prices – which is still significantly lower that recommended retail price.

Please note that the prices shown at this site are without customs, shipping and any applicable local taxes. Once you’ve pledged for the bike you want and the campaign is successfully over, we will send out a survey to confirm you shipping address, your choice of colour and any other detail needed for building you a bike.


We’ve learned that many crowdfunding projects face some huge challenges when they reach the shipping stage. We’ve taken all these challenges into consideration and applied few steps to guarantee a smooth transition from production to shipping. As an example we’ve partnered up with on of the worlds largest forwarders, who will cover the entire transportation from factory to your doorstep

We unfortunately cannot please all potential backers as there are areas of the world where we are unable to deliver the A1 – we regret this, but we cannot fight against local regulations etc.

                         Our goals and code of conduct

Our goal is to offer a cool, reliable and good looking bike. We want to help change the way we commute and we want to offer a way to make daily transportation safe and fun.

We want to do our best to reduce the number of cars on the roads and lower carbon dioxide emissions. We want to breath fresh air.

We would also like to have the opportunity to show that crowdfunding can be done in such a way, that makes the backers feel proud of their contribution and at the same time safe and confident that we, as campaigners are not only obligated but also capable and committed  to deliver what we promise.

We have our code of conduct that we would like to share with you and please do hold us to them:

  • We are humble and work hard
  • We do not promise what we can’t keep
  • We keep what we promise
  • We are honest and acknowledge our obligations
  • We celebrate our successes
  • We take pride in learning from our mistakes and avoid them in the future
  • We value our customers/backers and do what ever possible to keep them happy
  • We cherish our competitors, but strive to do better than them every day

 Meet the team behind ANNOBIKE

Living in Copenhagen and surrounded by iconic designs and architecture we had plenty of inspiration. We just had to explore more, gain more, se and sense more. Get out there in a quick way, find inspiration, get a boost of energy, be aware and get back recharged.

With all this inspiration in mind it hit us why not create an eBike? Not just like any other eBikes, but an eBike that emphasises our Danish heritage, our appreciation of design, functionality and quality.

Farhad sat down and by utilising his skills and experiences from many years as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry he laid out the design for our very first model.

Thomas took on the tasks of setting up the company structure, legal and financial, utilising his experiences from his many years in multinational companies as well as start-up companies.

Signe put her more than 2 decades of experience in sales and marketing from fashion industry into branding and marketing as well as sparring with Farhad in the design process.

Michael, who has held some major positions in the public sector, utilised his experience in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits.

And as such we had a team. We then quickly agreed to name our brand ANNOBIKE. Inspired from our childhood memories, our first bikes, the change of bike design each decade and the re-invention of this iconic means of transportation. ANNOBIKE is meant to take on the task of creating new and exciting designs and always challenge what is conventional. We want to inspire and be inspired.

After a year of planning, developing, searching, sourcing we are finally ready and proud to introduce our first model – the A1. We believe this will enable you to get out there quickly, enjoy life and return back inspired and recharged.

                           Your support and our knowledge

We hope that you’ll help us bring ANNOBIKE to live. By supporting us, you’ll be a part of a global movement against climate change and for a better future. We will give what we get… We’ll make the coolest bike for you as our backers, but most importantly we will like to share our experiences with you and with future campaigners – just ask…

Let us move together towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Let us build you a bike. Please also help us by sharing our dream and vision to as many out there as possible. Please like and share or Facebook and Instagram pages.

                           How A1 came to live

From Illustrator and Indesign to solid works and CAD. Here we are with our prototype and ready to build your bike.

The first 2D sketch of A1. A lot changed, but the result got as great as we hoped for.

Solid works drawing. It took us almost a year to finalise the prototype.

The first rendering of A1. The stage before CAD and prototyping.

Our partner showing the finished prototype before shipping it to us.

Unboxing the prototype. We were all excited to see the results of our work.

Photo shoot with our cool photographer, who did an amazing job capturing the beauty of A1.

Thank you so much for supporting us and sharing this project with your friends.

The ANNOBIKE team from Copenhagen

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