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0.9 Badge Holder | Dual-Sided Scanning with Grace & Comfort

Scan two cards without interference. Minimalist design of premium Italian leather. Durable, safe, brings convenience to everyday life.
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From the moment you step out of your house till you leave the office building—plus the time you spend on public transportation—you are spending loads of time with your badge holder. Do you feel that there is always something wrong with this little accessory?

  • You can only fit in and scanned one card each time
  • Need to rummage through your bags to find the right card
  • Tacky looking card holder kills your posh outfit
  • PVC window gets sticky and blurs the prints of your badge
  • Uncomfortable lanyard leaves dents on your neck

If you are annoyed by the problems above, 0.9 Badge Holder is the perfect solution for you—a functional, elegant, and comfortable card holder.

As an office worker, how many cards do you use every day? Transport cards for the commute, office ID cards during work, and payment cards when buying coffee to go…When all the RFID cards are put together, they always interfere with each other.

Optimizing the card scanning design of our previous product, 0.7 Wallet, we use an RFID blocking film layered with anti-interference sleeves to make 0.9 Badge Holder scannable on both sides, without having cross-interference problems.

We work ​​an average of 2,080 hours a year, plus the time of commutes—this is how much time we’re spending with our badge holder. Wearing an uncomfortable holder may cause physical pain and affect our work efficiency and mood. Thus, we make sure that 0.9 Badge Holder is lightweight, comfortable, and can last for years.

Secrets of the 0.9 Structure Design

0.9 Badge Holder uses a piece of vegetable-tanned leather that is only 0.7 mm thick and environmentally friendly TPU film that is 0.2 mm thick. The unique inner structure design reduces the thickness of material layering to a minimum of 0.9 mm, providing an ultralight wearing experience.

The Devil Is in the Detail

Behind its minimalist appearance, 0.9 Badge Holder contains 19 components and is made with 38 production processes. After carefully calculating structure and size, we hand glue, sew, and position each part with accuracy and precision. The stitches used for each badge holder are the same color as the leather.

Upgrade your 0.9 Badge Holder with a simple, yet super useful accessory. The retractor is sturdy and easy to pull. The wear-resistant nylon rope offers an extended length of 70 cm, making the card holder more versatile and flexible to use.

The retractor can either be used alone or attached to the lanyard.

On the retractor, you can add personalized golden embossing (single letter from A-Z) on the black vegetable-tanned leather surface, adding a personal identity to your 0.9 Badge Holder. You can also leave it blank.

0.9 Badge Holder is made with wear-resistant nylon rope. Finely woven with 32 strands, the rope is dense, strong, durable, and smooth to touch. It is comfortable to wear for a long time, and it won’t leave dents on your skin. Each nylon rope of 0.9 Badge Holder is equipped with a safety buckle and metal adjustment buckle to provide a safe and comfortable experience.

The stringing design is not easy to rotate, avoiding the card holder from flipping over.

The safety buckle will automatically disconnect when it is pulled by a strong external force, preventing the wearer’s neck from being injured in accidents.

​​The metal buckle allows you to adjust the length of the lanyard according to different heights and body types.

We pay attention to every detail. The window of 0.9 Badge Holder uses recyclable TPU material, coming with two options:

  •  Matte Black: Conceals card information, giving a low-key, private sense of comfort.
  •  Matte White: No tacky glossy finish, yet card information can still be seen clearly.

Note that the color match of the card holder and the window is fixed.

Non-Stick Recyclable Material

Adopting a highly anti-adhesive TPU membrane, the printed information on your card won’t be easy to fall off and mottle. The material is scratch-resistant, non-toxic, and can be decomposed naturally. There is no plasticizer added during the manufacturing process.

Sometimes we need to take coins, keys, stamps, keys, earbuds with us for a meeting, lunch break, or a walk. Don’t you want a detachable mini bag so you only have to take it when you need it? 0.9 Badge Holder gets your back.

Modular Design for Extra Storage

With the expansion ring, you can attach an additional pocket to the 0.9 Badge Holder. It is quick and easy to assemble, and the accessories stay simple and firm. Add the detachable pocket according to different situations and needs. Here’s how to assemble:

The additional pockets are made of Italian aniline-dyed vegetable-tanned leather, the same as the card holder.

Mini Pocket vs. Standard Pocket

Mini Pocket can be used for coins, keys, stamps, receipts, USB, SD cards, Bluetooth earbuds, etc.

Standard Pocket can be used for 5-6 cards, bills, 10 name cards, etc.

Double Layer Design for Better Organization

In order to meet the needs of various occupations and work life, 0.9 Badge Holder offers two versions: the vertical or horizontal style. You may also choose to get a personalized retractor as an add-on, which will give you even more choices on how to wear it.

Classic Vertical Style

The straight, vertical ratio presents a simple, yet classy style of a card holder. Wear your badge in style when you commute, enter the office and meeting rooms, or rush around the city.


Professional Horizontal Style

Wear the card holder horizontally gives a sense of elegance. You can also assemble your 0.9 Badge Holder with the retractor that features a clip on the back, allowing you to fasten it on your shirt, suit, pen pocket, or belt.

0.9 Badge Holder uses quality sustainable materials, including Florentine aniline-dyed vegetable-tanned leather and German environmentally friendly leather fiber. Embellished with 24k gold-plated brass buckles, the badge holder presents a simple design that combines elegance and durability.

Italian Leather with Naturality & Durability

Using natural plant-based tannins, the leather does not contain heavy metal components, and the fiber is soft and strong. Colored with soluble aniline dyes, the leather of 0.9 Badge Holder gives a natural, soft, and warm touch. Without using any chemical ​​pigmented coating, the surface and color of the leather won’t peel off, making it ideal for frequent usage and skin-friendly to wear for a long time.

Reconstituted Fiber with Sustainability

While most of the color choices are made with vegetable-tanned leather, the 0.9 Badge Holder of the Terrazzo Grey color uses the reconstituted leather fiber from Germany. Collected from the leather industry, this eco-friendly material is made from recycled leather fragments and scraps.

The fiber complies with the EU Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and Ecological Audit Scheme (EMAS) regulations, and has the certification of LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX®. 0.9 Badge Holder is sustainable, non-toxic, and skin-friendly from the production to the usage phase.​​

In Pursuit of the Golden Ratio

The design of the 0.9 Badge Holder goes after the elegant outline of the golden ratio. As minimalism is the core of our design philosophy, the card holder is presented with a neat, simple borderless design with metallic embellishment. The delicate 24K gold-plated copper rivets firmly attach each component, offering functionality and aesthetic at the same time.

With all the color and accessory options, 0.9 Badge Holder provides 128 combinations for you to choose from. Get a card holder that really matches your taste and style!

  •  Dimension: 105×68 mm (applicable card size: 86×54 mm)
  •  Weight: 23g
  •  Material: vegetable-tanned cowhide /reconstituted leather fiber (Terrazzo Grey), TPU, alloy parts, brass fastener

*Note that Terrazzo Grey is made with reconstituted leather fiber, while the others are vegetable-tanned leather.

*The dimension and weight of each product may vary due to the fiber density of natural leather and manufacturing processing.

Personalized Golden Embossing (Add-on)

A simple embossing gives an even more classic look to your leather accessories. You can put a name or a simple word at the bottom of the badge holder, making it a personal item or a customized gift.

  •  Placement: back of the badge holder, above the central hand sewing stitch at the bottom
  •  Limitations: 8 characters or less (including spacing, numbers, and period)

*Note that the 0.9 Badge Holder and the Standard Pocket have two types (Vertical/Horizontal).  You may identify your choice later in the survey.

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