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SUMJet Review

SUMJet Review

  SUMJet Pro – A new take on the portable steam cleaner concept   Around one month ago, we have received a request from the SUMJet Pro team to review their steam cleaner. At first we were not too keen on doing it, as steam cleaner is nothing new. However, once we...
SUPERHEXA Vision Review

SUPERHEXA Vision Review

  SUPERHEXA Vision – The Dual-Cam AR Glasses of the Future   Smart glasses is one of those futuristic high tech gadgets that you hear all the time but has not yet caught on. Like household robots or hydrogen cars, it sounds like a great idea – it enhances...
iContact Camera Review

iContact Camera Review

  iContact Camera – The easiest way to make eye contact online   Like the moldy drinking fountain in the park, or the dusty handrail along the staircase, the built-in webcam on our laptops is one of those ideas that sounds better than it works in real life....
Cocinare KRUSH Review

Cocinare KRUSH Review

  Cocinare KRUSH – A portable ice cream maker for anywhere   Admit it, you love ice cream, I love ice cream, everyone love some ice cream once in a while. Some like it served from the parlor. Some like to buy in cans and enjoy at home. Some even make their own,...
ChillZ Pro Review

ChillZ Pro Review

  ChillZ Pro – A misting fan with something more   Although our office is air-conditioned, it is fixed at 26 degree Celsius so the room can still get hot during the hotter months. It doesn’t actually get you all sweaty, but when ChillZ offered us to try out their...
GEME Review

GEME Review

  GEME Organic Compost Machine – A truly automatic home organic compost machine   A few weeks ago, the GEME team that was running a crowdfunding campaign contacted us to review their organic compost machine. As the composter is pretty big, it took a while to ship...