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MAXXwasher Pro Review

MAXXwasher Pro Review

  MAXXwasher Pro – The Revolutionary Kitchen Washer   Hello everybody, today we are going to review an interesting product sent from the MAXXwasher team. It is a new type of dishwasher that just clips to your sink instead of containing the whole system. The...
Uniek Review

Uniek Review

  Uniek pottery studio – A new way to get into a classic craft   A while ago, our team has received an email from the designers of Uniek asking for a review about their potter’s wheel that was about to launch on Kickstarter. Having taken a few pottery classes...
hodi Review

hodi Review

Portable thermal mugs are already common on the market. It is not something we normally would write about. But hodi is an exception – it is an interesting combination of a vacuum mug and a beer glass, meaning you can use it for both warm and cold drinks. The...
Lambocharge Review

Lambocharge Review

Introducing Lambocharge with the extraordinary Nuovo Si technology fast charging adapter that is mini, compact, and widely compatible. The pioneering portable adapter from Lambocharge is the ultimate charging adapter that enables you to charge all your work and...
purME Air Review

purME Air Review

Following up with my previous review on purMe, We’ve been using it everyday for the past few months and we have noticed a few things that can be improved on. With the massive success of the The original purME mask, We believe they definitely took most of the feedback...
TEMPMi Review

TEMPMi Review

Getting your temperature checked is inevitable during this global pandemic. You are bound to see a thermometer everywhere you travel to. TEMPMi is the ideal thermometer that is portable and tiny, which makes it easier to carry it around rather than carrying a bulky...

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