✔️ The world’s 1st wirelessHD touchscreen that NO needs Bluetooth pairing for touchback. Plug & Play.
✔️ Wireless monitor. No cable constraints. Lag-free. ZERO latency. Multi-touch screen.
✔️ Powerful signal coverage upgraded to 25m (82 feet).
✔️ Lossless video/image quality.
✔️ Multiple screen size: 13.3’/15.6’/17.3′ inch. Ultralight, portable.


AVA next-gen portable monitor excelled the others do, adopting the most advanced mm-Wave wirelessHD technology for its wireless touchback and wirelessHD display into one wireless transmission. No pairing Bluetooth is needed anymore. Powerful signal coverage upgraded to 25 meters (82 feet), freely have more fun everywhere. Take you to the next-gen wirelessHD experience.


From now on, let’s enjoy the simplicity of built-in mm-Wave touch technology. Forget the Bluetooth pairing complexity. With this next-gen touch technology, wireless touchback is much easier than before. AVA wirelessHD touchscreen is innovative for sure bringing you the best experience. It’s pretty incredible that it requires no pairing at all.


AVA wireless monitor use cases

AVA leading industry’s mm-Wave touchback feature is perfect for any usage, no matter wired or wireless. Not only for laptops, game stations, or PC but also for smartphones or mobile devices. Nowadays, many smartphones already have built-in desktop mode. With AVA touchscreen, mobility work or play becomes more efficient and easy.


Traditional wireless touchback that has to rely on Bluetooth connection, and the wireless display casting solutions often require Wi-Fi, which commonly results in lagging video and delayed audio.


AVA wirelesHD touchscreen combined the wireless touchback and display into one data transmission. Thanks to the mm-Wave technology supporting a super high data speed rate, this dream comes true. Now, AVA is the world’s first use built-in mmWave technology for wireless touchback and wirelessHD display. You haven’t seen another portable monitor like this one, that’s for sure.



You may know the Samsung DeX or other smartphones’ desktop mode. For wireless cast screen that must rely on WiFi miracast technology, it commonly exists huge lag and not able to achieve wireless touchback simutenously.


With AVA completely breakthrough the WiFi/Bluetooth constraints,  you will fully enjoy the lag-free wirelessHD display and wireless touchback function at the same time.

Truly amazing! Beyond your imagination, AVA does that.


AVA fully support PC or laptop wirelessHD touchback feature. No pairing Bluetooth needed. Plug and play, so easy and convenient. With wirelessHD technology, no latency at all, experience just like cable connection.


Note for Apple products:

AVA touchback feature tested with Macbook Pro, Mac Mini in USB-C cable mode. Or in wirelessHD mode for wireless mirrors and extended display.

Please consult your vendor if your device follows the USB-C Thunderbolt or has a full-featured DP alt mode standard that can output video to work. If not, you can still use HDMI port for wirelessHD display.


Gamers probably much care about the latency. Now, these worries are all gone in AVA wirelessHD monitor. You don’t need to worry that anymore. You can enjoy your game in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or outdoor wherever, whenever you want without any lag.


Now your Nintendo Switch has bigger screen anywhere without cable constraints. AVA supports any USB-C video devices or HDMI devices playable in cabled mode or wireless mode with NO latency.


AVA wirelessHD monitor supports all types of somatosensory games playable without any latency. No cable constraints enable us much more exciting and immersive than ever.


AVA beyond other WiFi monitors, now it’s perfect for producer, vlogger, photographer, filmmaker, director who needs real-time monitor the shooting in lossless picture/video quality and check details on the bigger screen. Even remote control the camera shooting with wirelessHD touchback.


AVA wirelessHD touchscreen brings you a next-gen car infotainment system to the unlimited APP feature level. Whatever APPs in your smartphone can be simultaneously operate in the AVA touchscreen.  You can even customize the multi-window cockpit UI for your favorite driving usage. Fantastic with big-screen experience.



AVA is a very advanced ultra-lightweight display, done by CNC process. It’s not made of a low-end plastic case. It gives you a super premium feel when you hold it in your hand. Love its delicateness.



Full-lamination means between the glass and the panel, there is a special GLUE bonds them seamlessly. That’s it will reduce parallax to almost none and provide a better display effect.


Advantages of laminated displays:

Reduced thickness, improves visual quality, no dusty screen, reduced hollow sound, pictures look painted on, outdoors performance, and no parallax.


AVA sound reproduction over the full range of audible frequencies with very little distortion of the original signal. Fine-tune stereo Hi-Fi speakers enabled a wide frequency range and higher dB sensitivity rating. Provide maximum bass and treble in robust, crystal-clear, and natural sound reproduction, drive audio scenes sound impressive amazing.


With an optimized battery consumption policy, the AVA setting can separately enable or disable the reversal charging ability for your mobile devices, which means you can save AVA battery a lot when you don’t need to charge for another mobile device.


AVA has an input and output PD quick charging protocol. That shortens the full-charged time into about 45 mins and playable time up to 5 hours in real usage.*


*13.3′ FHD model last approx 5 to 6 hours, 15.6′ FHD model last approx 4 to 5 hours.



* We will upgrade or improve the transmitter later, there may be some changes in appearance.

Additional transmitters can be added via add-on option for backers if need multiple devices on-transmit signal anytime.